About Us

Techno Fresh Agro Produce Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1990, since then the business has never look back. Today Techno Fresh is a major importer of fresh vegetables in Malaysia.

Techno Fresh’s ability to build strong foundations with its suppliers and growers through understanding, communication, integrity and transparency. It is the key to success of its business operations.

Our aim is to deliver quality products that are safe, healthy and competitively priced. A company that provides fresh vegetables that our customers can trust. We always believe in serving customer with responsibility, respect and quality.

Techno Fresh

Growing ahead with a vision

Giving our customers the best quality of produce and service. The concept is based on getting the products to the consumer in the best possible way. With quality that can withstand any comparison and for the best price.

Our Packaging

An understanding of the interactions between foods and packaging materials is essential to ensure optimal quality of food products. Consequently, we developed optimal food packaging materials demands contributions both from food scientists and polymer chemists.

Our Quality

To achieve the greatest certainty about the quality control, Techno Fresh has an external research bureau to check the reliability of its own inspectors each year, Checkpoints are built into various stages of the supply chain from grower to customer to guarantee the dependability of the products.